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receptionist training image - no backgroundIt takes only 3 seconds to form a first impression over the telephone.

That pivotal first impression will not only make or break your caller’s attitude, it will extend beyond your receptionist to the entire organisation.

Are you aware of the image that’s currently being portrayed by your Director of First Impressions?

To avoid any disconnect in your customers’ mind, it’s critical that you pay attention to the way in which their first point of entry is managed. How your customers are greeted over the phone and face to face is a frequently overlooked marketing strategy. Leaving it to chance can quickly erode trust and negatively impact your bottom line. Edge receptionist training doesn’t cost, it pays! Let Edge shape your team to bring out the very best.

What will your training program look like?
We know your business is unique and that one size does not fit all. We consult with you to discover the image you want to portray and the various client situations your receptionist encounters. We make a mystery call to your organisation to assess your current standard. We deliver the most results driven, experiential and customised solution to meet your needs and budget.

Your training program is delivered at your premises and can be designed to include the latest techniques in telephone, face to face and email communication, as well as time management tips. We work with your receptionists either one on one or in small groups; the choice is yours.

For a lasting learning experience, we deliver the training in small chunks. We start with an initial session of 2 hours, followed by 2 weeks on the job practicing the skills, and embed the learning with a 2 hour follow up session.

How do we generate results?
Your experiential learning is fast tracked with our state of the art online technology. Your receptionists will hear themselves over the telephone, allowing them to identify their own areas for development. We then provide a plan on how to get there.

Following the training, we can conduct a mystery call program to measure and monitor progress, tracking your customer experience and addressing any gaps.

To further embed the learning and create consistency, we can supply a receptionist procedures manual containing scripts for your organisation, and provide a refresher session every three to six months to maintain the culture alive and ensure your superior Edge.

Here are just some of the proven benefits from investing in Edge receptionist training and procedures for your primary and relief receptionists:

  • Empowered employees with the confidence and skill to manage every client situation
  • Consistency in call handling procedures
  • Expert call control
  • Greater staff satisfaction, less stress and increased productivity
  • Increased profits
  • Enhanced reputation

Who uses our training programs?
Edge receptionist training programs are ideal for your primary receptionist as well as relief receptionists. No matter how experienced your receptionists are, it’s vital that your customers experience consistency each time they call.

We work with small, medium and large business, government and not for profit organisations.

Here’s what some of our many delighted clients have to say:

“Ava met with me, listened to my concerns and suggested the 4 hour Receptionist coaching session “Fast Track Your Phone Skills” on a one to one basis with our young admin assistant. It was a very sensible, practical method. The recorded role play is a simple but powerful teaching tool which enabled our admin assistant to hear her own voice and recognise the need to use the right tone of voice and words to give the caller confidence. Our admin assistant felt at ease with Ava and is now much more confident and has the tools to deal with most situations. Her voice tone is becoming more upbeat and she is experiencing more positive responses from callers. I have no hesitation in recommending Ava and Edge Communication to any company.” Sue, Office Manager Primewest

“I now have the tools to combat a range of scenarios and use the right type of language for difficult situations” Lizzie, Legal Secretary, Leach Legal

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great program you delivered to our probationary receptionist. Since completing the training she has become much more confident in the way she goes about her daily tasks and as a result, has been offered on-going employment. We are very happy with the results and the progress she is making on a daily basis. She is just a pleasure to have around” Lisa, Office Manager, Indigenous Land Corporation